Jun 10 • 22M

dOrg Hot Seat Podcast | EP 18 ft. Palmera

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The dOrg Hot Seat is a tech podcast with audio-video format, where top blockchain projects can showcase their latest releases to us (dOrg members) and then we ask highly technical related questions and debate the answers.

De-Complexing DAOs. Join us in a conversation with Andy Salmen from Palmera about DAO tooling, coordination, disputes, privacy, and more. Ever wonder how a DAO works? Or how many tools you need to keep it all spinning? Well, here at dOrg, we've got the scoop and have used over 20 and counting. Join us as we chat with Andy Salmen of Palmera, DAOs are digital co-ops on the blockchain. We unmask the art of decentralized decision-making, and find new ways to keep it all humming along smoothly. No jargon, no buzzwords, just a deep dive into the heart of the DAO. Bring your curiosity, and remember is all about the hard questions.🔥🪑 dOrg https://dOrg.tech Hire Us: https://www.dorg.tech/#/hire Join Us : https://www.dorg.tech/#/joins Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bA9ZM7WXZU Twitter: https://twitter.com/dOrg_tech Palmera https://www.palmeradao.xyz/ https://twitter.com/palmera_dao https://docs.palmeradao.xyz/palmera/g... #web3 #dao #privacy