Dec 19, 2022 • 28M

dOrg Hot Seat Podcast | EP 3 ft. Superfluid

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The dOrg Hot Seat is a tech podcast with audio-video format, where top blockchain projects can showcase their latest releases to us (dOrg members) and then we ask highly technical related questions and debate the answers.

Streaming Money in Real Time with Superfluid.

In this episode of the hot seat podcast, we sit down with Michele D’Aliessi one of the founders of Superfluid, a groundbreaking asset streaming protocol that brings subscriptions, salaries, and rewards to DAOs and crypto-native businesses.

We'll explore the unique features of Superfluid and how it is revolutionizing the way businesses manage financial transactions.

We'll discuss the seamless and efficient nature of Superfluid's asset streaming capabilities, and how it is providing a new level of financial flexibility for businesses.

We'll also hear from the founders about their journey in the world of crypto and their vision for the future of finance.

Join us for this in-depth conversation with the founders of Superfluid as we learn more about this cutting-edge platform and its potential to streamline financial transactions for businesses.


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