Mar 17 • 34M

dOrg Hot Seat podcast | EP10 ft. LENS

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The dOrg Hot Seat is a tech podcast with audio-video format, where top blockchain projects can showcase their latest releases to us (dOrg members) and then we ask highly technical related questions and debate the answers.

Redefining Social Media: An Inside Look at Lens Protocol's Open Social Graph Join us on the Hot Seat as we interview Nader, Director of Developer Relations for Aave and Lens Protocol. Lens Protocol is one of the most innovative projects in web3, social media, and blockchain. They are changing the game by creating an open social graph where any front-end or algorithm can build on top of its core aspects, such as users, followers, and posts. Our guest explains the challenges of developing this technology, including security, data privacy, and freedom of speech, and how Lens Protocol is tackling these issues. Discover how Lens Protocol's open social graph redefines social media and empowers users to control their data and reputation. Don't miss this eye-opening conversation on social media's limitless potential and future.dOrg Hire Us: Join Us : Discord: Twitter: Lens Protocol